Download the latest version from here.

Run the "setup.exe" file and follow the instructions.

You need to setup the administrator password the first time you run MarkO. It is very important that you don’t forget this password because it is not resettable.

Setup the database backup settings.
- Backup database to folder means where do you want the backup files to be.
- Flash drive could be a path for a removable USB drive.
- FTP server settings are required to backup into a FTP server.
- And setup if you want to automatically backup the database every time MarkO starts up.

Initial Setup Wizard

Enter your business information as you want it to appear on your invoices.

Important: You need to select your logo image file. This is the logo that appears on your invoices.

These COM Port settings are required in case you want to setup a serial port printer which is only use for retail sale items. MarkO uses a different printer for all your picture framing orders. In other words these settings are not use for the picture framing orders.

Enter your own secret code. This secret code is used to show you the profit on every item you are quoting. This can help you to apply discounts.

You are done with the first time setup Wizard. You can run this wizard again by clicking Configure - Settings... - Launch Setup Wizard on MarkO's menu

You may also see this message if you are installing the application on top an existing installation. Click Yes but if this is your first installation click No