Picture Framing Pricing Software

What is MarkO?

MarkO is a standalone pricing software design exclusively for professional picture framers. By just entering the art size, it calculates frame lengths and other material dimensions. It saves you time by listing all the required materials for each order so you can make your material ordering a breeze. It keeps track of the progress of each order. It has inventory control and reports sales trends. It keeps statistics of how your customers heard from you. Checks the supplier* product availability when you are processing a quote.

* Only Larson-Juhl and you need a Larson-Juhl account.

MarkO's Main Features

  • Computes order cost & material dimensions
  • Keeps track of the progress of your orders
  • Lists materials required on each orders so you can do your ordering a breeze
  • Invoices & Inventory Control
  • Shows sales trends & reports
  • Keeps statistics of how your customers heard from you
  • Real time availability on Larson-Juhl products

Who can use it?

Custom picture framers, art galleries, photographers or anyone who has a need of a PC software to automaticaly calculate framing cost, keep track of retail sales and framing materials.

Software Cost

MarkO is fully functional shareware which means you just buy it if you want. If the software is never purchased you need to click okay on a message to continue to use it. Download


Download MarkO